Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Film Festival Flier

KTXTThis one is an oldie but a damn goodie. These stupid monster characters have been stalking me ever since I made them. If I get bugged enuff I may make another batch. O, and if you are interested in what Miss Elkie Wiskerson and I submitted then check it.

The Death Set

The Death Set
I had a ton of fun with this one. Out of nowhere the idea of a tired evil cat pillow thing came to me and I ran with it. Oh, and I was not supposed to write "KTXT party" on this one so don't tell anyone.

Summer Recruitment

Ahhhh.....summer recruiting. It is that special time of year when the ranks of one of the smallest minorities on campus becomes even smaller. I got to stretch my Illustrator legs on this one and I am kind of proud of the results. I love making these things because the powers that be insist on including band names to attract the outcast music snob in all of us. The fun thing is that this music snob gets to pick all of the names. My itunes looks very similar to this list.


Here is my tribute to the noise rock kings themselves. If you have never "experienced" a Health show then you are sorely missing out on something quite special. It is like watching the feeling of taking a mixed cocktail of powerful narcotics without snorting, smoking or shooting a thing.

Ecstatic Sunshine

Ecstatic Sunshine
This was a collaboration with the very ambitious Erick Stow. I have been working on many other collaborations with him for an upcoming show and the results are looking very nice. Look forward to a full on sharpie assault.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down

One of the first posters where I used a doodle I made while working at the most mind numbing jobs I have ever had. I know I shouldn't complain about a job where you sit in an air-conditioned box all day and get paid to memorize Digg. But jesus, I felt that my mind and body were both going into atrophy. The good thing is that the boredom drove me to doodle, and without that summer I would be far behind in my sketching skillz.


I have always wanted to work with Google Patents for something, and this time I did just that. I found some schematic on a piping system with hundreds of intricate parts, simplified it, and here you go. I love this illustration style, it is so honest in its expression of the patented objects. I want to meet the people that still draw these patents like 18th century woodprints on 10 dollar bills.