Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Project in Painting Perfection

Be careful when sitting

I just wrapped up a project/competition sponsored by Herman Miller. The competition required the designer to design and decorate a plastic molded Eames chair. These would be judged and later put up for auction to sponsor local charities. The winner of the judging gets to take home a Eames lounger as a prize. Yes. That Eames Longer.

Consistent lineweights were the bane of this project

Though I think I turned in a strong entry, after viewing the other entries I feel that I may have been trumped by one entry in particular. A local artist punctured her chair with multiple wrought iron nails, lending the surface of the chair a flowing field of points and poles. It really is terrific and I will be happy to see her take home an amazing prize.

Time to be sucked into the void

Time for bookmarks

They work really well when you can see the bridge that the lines cross

Here are a couple of bookmarks that I made for my grandparents. I bought them books for their dual birthdays, only 4 days apart. Guess which one went to the Papa Joe, and which one went to the Auntie Grandma!

Rawr! Monsters in the details