Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gorilla Run 2012 vol.1

the most recent attempt at making the logo better

Another year, another Gorilla Run. I was in charge of all the graphics from the last run, and now that I have a much larger window to make these graphics again, I have decided to start anew. This is my attempt at translating my version of the logo from last year into a symbol that works and looks better. I have been using a bunch of inspiration from sports teams logos, and this iteration is almost where I would like it to be

does this look better in monotone?

The problem is that something is just a little off and I am attempting to figure out what to edit or tweak. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

the original logo from last year

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Custom Kicks Vol. 3

These kicks are going to rock the streets of Oakland

Here is another gift, another project. This pair was done as a late Christmas/Birthday present for my roommate. I got these done on a deadline, as the recipient was headed to Alaska for the summer. I have not heard from the guy in a few weeks now, so I can only assume that he has been eaten by a bear. I just hope that the grizzly has decided to wear these shoes after eating my friend.

Custom Kicks Vol. 2

Cat shoes, second try

It has been way too long coming. In the process of getting a Wordpress blog up and running, I have neglected the sad lost Blogger platform. I have actually been quite busy lately and I have a slew of work to post, but am stuck in a transitional state. I have decided to pull out this old soap box out of retirement in order to share some choice examples of my work from this past Spring.

This is actually the second pair of shoes that I have completed for my lovely sister. The first pair was unluckily ruined due to my poor advice in using Scotch Guard to protect the shoes from use. Unluckily I was poorly informed and had to conjure up a new pair in order to replace the previous pair. Luckily the second edition turned out much stronger the the first. I learned a ton more about painting on this curious canvas choice and finally introduced acrylic and, god forbid, color.