Saturday, June 27, 2009

Monster Icons

Initial line up of monster designs

These icons were originally created a while ago from sketches that were translated to the digital realm when I was on an Illustrator rampage. Recently, I decided to revise the original illustrations by applying new colors as well as a grid system to the composition of each character. I began with a 10px x 10px grid and as I worked I created new forms based on this proportion. As I finish exercises like these I am constantly reminded that I am indeed an architect. I share a desire to design based on a set base or parameters and rules. I discovered a while ago that true beauty is derived from constrictions. Download a set for your own needs:


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trace exercise part III

vector trace of rusky stamps

So again i stumbled within the addictive myriad of traceable examples over on Ffffound. When I finally surfaced I had a folder filling to the brim with beautiful stamp illustrations from the 1960s. Most of these stamps heralded from the eastern part of Europe, but the ones that stood out over the rest were the beautiful cosmonaut themed sets. The ruskies really pushed an agenda of technological advancement during this time as is exhibited on their postal currency. Needless to say I very quickly and aggressively traced these forms, an original of which can be viewed here. After a quick Flickr search I discovered even more examples waiting for an Illustrator treatment.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New trace/logo project

The vector version of an analog sketch

This is a prime example of taking this new-found habit of sketching analog work in the vector format. The interesting aspect of this undertaking is the collaborative nature of the chosen material. J Dubz has started a new style that is a beautiful fusion of his own unique style with my own developing doodle sketches. The above is the first attempt of desigining a header for the all new and all-encompassing J dbuz blogfolio, much like this one. We will see what happens.

a J dubz sketch

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trace exercise part II

I cannot seem to stop myself tracing these bottlecap designs. After getting lost at the very addictive Tumblr blog Fffound I finally stumbled upon a collection of bottlecaps on a Flickr account. I love the things and I have been trying to render some of the older designs in the clean vector style. Check out the super slick Duvel logo, which also happens to be the most tasty of tasty beers conceived.

now if only I could design a knight logo as slick

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trace exercise part 1

I have decided that in order to keep my vector skills up to par, I should begin tracing previous works in order to discover new techniques and forms. This process also informs me on all sorts of goodies that are intrinsic to graphic design. I am not alone in this exercise as I have picked it up from Aegir over at the much envied Ministry of Type.

this example took an extra long time because each character is unique from its hand-done origins

This example is traced from a set of Notgeld. Instead of stumbling over a misunderstood explanation of this currency, here is the Wikipedia blockquote used by the Ministry.

Notgeld (German for “Emergency Money” or “necessity money”) was special money issued primarily in Germany and Austria to deal with economic crisis situations such as a shortage of small change or hyperinflation. It was not issued by the central bank (Reichsbank) but by various other institutions, e.g. town savings banks, municipalities, private and state-owned firms. It was therefore not legal tender, but rather a mutually-accepted means of payment in a particular locale or site.

I will definitely continue this exercise and hopefully I might actually find my own samples instead of relying on the expert eye of the Ministry. You can find the final version of the trace here.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pixel Animation Part1

FLW pestering LEC in all of his french majesty - Animation test v.1

This is a project I have been slowly developing lately. I will leak clues to what the project entails as it gets farther along, but for now, it is an exercise to tune up my pixel illustration skills and flash animation skills. Heavy precedents include the amazing work done by flash genius Benisadork over at flyingpizzakitty along with the amazing Gang Garrison II. If you have the time, and a PC, I suggest downloading the 8-bit side scrolling adaptation of the amazing 3d shooter.

This highlights all the built pixels done so far, notice that Ronchampe to the right is not a FLW production - Building Examples

Friday, June 5, 2009

Karibu and Ethiopia

Here is a project that not only served me on technical aspect, but oddly enough, a geographic aspect as well. I was asked by my DJ friend CTRL-Z to design a poster for the upcoming bash that would be hosted by his parent's Ethiopian restaurant. I decided to make a letter jumble within the outline of the country's borders, and demarcate the various band names with the country's national colors. Needless to say, it was very puzzling when after searching I came up with two very distinct definitions of the nation's border.
This is when I asked the client about this discrepancy. He said that the two areas are separate but he has family from both states. So I should include both areas, the mainland Ethiopia and the Eritria. In typical architecture over-achieving fashion, I designed the poster twice.

Sketch 1 of Ethiopia con Eritrea

The border between Ethiopia and Eritrea has never been precisely demarcated. Between 1998 and 2000, the two countries fought a war over the issue, which involves quite small enclaves along the northern segment of their border, including the tiny village of Badme and the enclave of the Irob people. In 2002 an international boundary commission delimited the border. Although both nations agreed to accept its decision, Ethiopia has refused to accept the commission’s findings in full, much to the consternation of the Eritrean government. The central section of Ethiopia’s border with Somalia also has never been fully demarcated and is only provisional. Questions remain about the precise location of small parcels along the border with Sudan as well.~wikipedia

Sketch 2 of Ethiopia sans Eritrea

ART RAG cover

I completed this cover a while ago but have finally had time to post it. I was asked to design the cover for this flagship issue, and due to the time crunch, I came up with a composite of previous sketches. I definitely flexed my photoshop muscles and put a nice epilogue on this season of sketches. Also, this was the first time I have had something of mine published on this scale, very exciting to see your wok reproduced on semi-gloss. Check out the wallpapers I made below.