Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shoes for my Lovely Mother

It seems like I always wait until the very peak of a design trend before I make something in that vein for my mom. Be it spraypainted stencils, shirts or shoes, I always wait till I am perfectly confident with my output before I attempt to make something for my dear mother. I love these shoes and the only regret I have after designing them is not including a little Mario jumping from hill to hill amidst the clouds.

Shoes for the sister

These shoes are inspired by UNT, the North Texas University that my lovely sister attends. I wanted to keep the color scheme straightforward, simple and reminiscent of the colors you would proudly see on display of her campus and closet. I think the resulting pair of KEDs achieve this artistic direction while also allowing room for my free form doodles to breath.

Welcome Back: Isaboob Shoes

It is a new year and fantastic exciting things are happening all around. I feel like the best way to celebrate the rebirth of a new year is to of course, to delve in nostalgia. Check out these shoes that I painted for friends and family. This is part 1 in a series, first off: The shoes of the Isaboob