Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guide me Misty Poets

being bored at work is super fun

Something I did the other day while at work. It seems my best nonsensical doodles originate from frustration and paranoia.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Explaining the process

To elaborate on the previous post, I will describe the process I used to develop these series of Orange renders. The model I used to generate these renders is the product of a sleep deprived evening as the result of a surplus of caffeine. I used basic rules to construct an eisenmen style form, with a resulting model that looked very similar to ancient Design I exercises. When I was not satisfied with my clunky first draft model, I dramatically scaled it to create a more delicate and intricate form.
a clean transition of the various stage of render

Once I had a model I liked I then began to extract views. While in these fixed perspectives, I began to color certain vertical and horizontal elements. By controlling the color conditions through the micro, I conjured a whole composition in the macro. The final images I generate are a composite of multiple different render styles, including the prominent podium base render.

a view from up top, these perspectives determined overall color placement choices

Friday, October 16, 2009

Architecture Illustration v.1

I think in some kind of delirious haze I was mystically encouraged to pursue rampant creativity. In the midst of this haze I devised a simple workflow in Sketchup that culminated something interesting. I am still uncertain if this image is satisfactory, but its origin is akin to the process I derive my sketches from. Maybe this is the true use of this frustrating program.