Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation Sketches

The seaside cliffs of Mazatlan

A hidden hut in the village of Nogalito

Puerto Vallarta

A busy intersection in Puerto Vallarta

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mexico Cruise

Though I may have my own reservations for the week long immersive hedonism that is a cruise, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed myself on this trip. I set sail on a whale of a ship with 39 other members of my "family" to see just what the Baja Peninsula had to offer me.

There was no major dock in the tiny Cabo San Lucas so we took a boat from the boat

The most amazing days were spent in the various port towns wandering the streets aimlessly. In Mazatlan I shrugged off the overly-cautious warnings from my family and ventured out into the city alone. I was alarmed when I passed my third "Missing" poster, but by the time I made it to the oceanside I knew I had successfully left the "treacherous" streets unscathed.

A full plaza sat in front of this church with many pigeons eager to poop on your open sketchbook

Puerto Vallarta was easily my favorite stop on the trip, and it seems that most travelers agree. This is evident by the many tall hotel buildings that stand freshly constructed along the famous Malecon. We began our journey by exploring the jungle on the Sierra Madre and the tiny village of Nogalito. After getting dispensed in the heart of downtown I grabbed my sketchbook and read the beautiful city by the soles of my feet. Amazing vistas, friendly people and cheap tacos/beer have convinced me of a return visit.

You can't help but fall in love with a place that had this to offer

Please go peruse my other photos from the trip at my Flickr page here. Or better yet, grab a cheap ticket and get to the Baja, and forgo the big boat.