Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Project in Painting Perfection

Be careful when sitting

I just wrapped up a project/competition sponsored by Herman Miller. The competition required the designer to design and decorate a plastic molded Eames chair. These would be judged and later put up for auction to sponsor local charities. The winner of the judging gets to take home a Eames lounger as a prize. Yes. That Eames Longer.

Consistent lineweights were the bane of this project

Though I think I turned in a strong entry, after viewing the other entries I feel that I may have been trumped by one entry in particular. A local artist punctured her chair with multiple wrought iron nails, lending the surface of the chair a flowing field of points and poles. It really is terrific and I will be happy to see her take home an amazing prize.

Time to be sucked into the void

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jenna said...

i will like photos of the nail chair